I first heard about Danuta Lipinska from John Killick when I attended his Poetry and Dementia workshop in Ty Newydd, a centre for writers in North Wales, back in 2016. Danuta is an award-winning specialist in aging and dementia care. When I read her book I realised that we have in common not only similar interests but also lean towards the same approach to dementia care. Just two words can sum up this approach: OUR DEMENTIA. Where we empathise that it matters less who has got the illness. It matters more who shares your life with dementia. Who cares for or about the person with dementia is as important to dementia care as the patient themselves.

And this is how Danuta commented on my book:

“This new and fresh perspective on communication and connection allows us both, caregiver and cared for, to be on the same side. The book celebrates OUR dementia relationship – a reminder of our shared humanity.

It is a delight to read about the reciprocity of relationship allowing two people to have the opportunity to engage with one another in openness and in the joyful moment of connection.

The human need for ‘self-empathy’ is explored and we find ways to honour our ‘dementia relationship’ by caring for ourselves; something that many caregivers find difficult to talk about, and almost impossible to do. Here is a beginning.

Written in a clear and confident style with honesty, humility, and empathy based upon her own relationships with people living with dementia, the narrative is often poignant, sometimes funny, and always respectful even when communication is trick and connection seems elusive. The power of this book is in it’s honest simplicity and the heartfelt courage to share joint experiences and learning.”

More about Danuta Lipinska and her work: http://danutalipinska.com/